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Celebrating ten years!

Celebrating ten years!

2024 marks a monumental milestone for us as we celebrate our ten years of sanctuary, rescue and care. Founded on a lifelong ambition to create a kinder world for all animals, our sanctuary has grown to become one of the leading farm sanctuaries in Australia.

A decade since we realised our ambition of building a safe haven for farmed animals. We began modestly but have grown into a sanctuary that has provided a new start for hundreds of animals, each with their own stories of neglect and recovery. 

Over the years, we’ve launched outreach programmes to educate the public about the cruel realities of animal agriculture and the lives of the animals affected by it. Our community of supporters and volunteers has been key in spreading our message of compassion.

Our sanctuary has become a centre for community engagement, offering events, volunteer opportunities, and tours that reveal the emotional and intellectual lives of farmed animals, challenging how people think about and treat them.

I’m particularly proud of our rehabilitation program, which has offered a second chance at life for animals with serious health issues from neglect or cruelty. This has only been possible thanks to our incredible team and the generosity of our donors—your support has been crucial.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about our plans to expand our facilities and educational efforts, continuing to advocate for animals and educate the public.

Thank you for your support over these ten years. Here’s to the next decade of making a difference in the world of animals. With your continued support, we’ll keep providing a safe and loving home for these wonderful animals and continue to build a kinder world for all animals through our education and advocacy. Together we are making a difference.

Debbie Pearce | Co-Founder | Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary