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Dustin, through no fault of his own, found himself in desperate need of sanctuary. His owners had bought him as a mini-pig and, as he quickly grew into a 150kg adult pig, they soon realised they could no longer keep him (there is no such thing as a mini-pig).

As a former house-pig, Dustin’s first few months at the sanctuary were very tough. His whole world had been turned upside down and he had difficulty adjusting to his new way of life. Depressed and scared, Dustin hardly ate and hid on his own for days. To help build his confidence, gentle Dustin was slowly integrated with rescue pigs, Harriet and Wilbur, over several months. 

Now, Dustin is very much part of the WPF pig pack – together they spend their days digging and foraging for food, roaming the paddocks, and wallowing in mud to cool off. Dustin clearly enjoys his sanctuary life. Safe and happy, he need never worry again.

Rescue date: June 2015