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Myles, the rooster, could tell a tale of resilience and survival.

His journey began as a mere chick, shipped through the postal system, handled as an object devoid of feelings, rather than the sentient creature he is. Sadly, even backyard birds, perceived as hobbyist pets, originate from the same harsh conditions as those in commercial hatcheries.

Typically, suburban poultry keepers can only legally house hens, rendering roosters like Myles undesirable. Mistaken identities or their use as mere “packing material” often seal their fates. In areas where keeping roosters is permissible, they still risk abandonment due to noise complaints. Ultimately, Myles and four other companions were left in a cardboard box, discarded at the sanctuary.

Today at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, Myles captivates visitors with his “rockstar” attitude and enjoys his days with his hen and rooster friends. Adored not just for his appearance but as the magnificent individual he is, Myles now flourishes, cherished for his true essence in a safe and loving environment.

Rescue date: January 2022