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Seamus (Shay/mus) was born on a working sheep farm that breed and raise sheep for meat and wool. He was just a few days old when his eyes were pecked out by crows, rendering him completely blind. Seamus was found in the paddock and taken in by the farmer before finding his forever home at Where Pigs Fly.

Seamus has flourished at the sanctuary and does not let his perceived disability stop him from leading a full and happy life. When he was little, Seamus learnt his surroundings by following sounds and forged a close friendship with Bubbles the pig, who guided him through the day with her piggy grunts. 

Seamus’ other senses have strengthened significantly to compensate for his lack of sight. He can sniff out a feed bucket from a great distance and his highly developed spatial awareness means there is little delay in reaching it.

Seamus now helps other blind sheep adjust to sanctuary life, including best friend Ebony. A favourite of many sanctuary visitors, Seamus is much loved for his gentle and supportive nature.

Rescue date: June 2018