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Shirley arrived in a neglected state after she was surrendered by her owner, just days before she was due to a sales yard. She sadly left behind her young family. 

As the months passed, Shirley didn’t form new friendships with any of the other animal residents and spent much of her time alone at the sanctuary. We saw an inner sadness in her that we could not rectify with human love and kindness. After lengthy negotiations, the owner released Shirley’s babies and they were finally reunited as a family in April 2019. 

After suffering through months of neglect and malnutrition, the babies had a long recovery ahead of them but at the sanctuary they thrived. Shirley and her family have never been happier, and she can finally call Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary her home.

Shirley and her family live out their lives at the sanctuary free from harm and suffering.

Rescue date: November 2018