Join the Barn, our monthly community, changing the lives of animals in need.

What We Do

We work to protect farmed animals, end their exploitation and foster compassionate cruelty-free living.

An Unstoppable Mission

We work to protect farmed animals, end their exploitation and foster compassionate cruelty-free living.

In Australia alone, 500 million farmed animals* annually endure anguished lives of unimaginable confinement and cruelty before being killed for food at just a fraction of their natural lifespans. Their plight is ignored by society and farmed animals remain the least protected by law. Their daily suffering is immense and unthinkable and continues unabated.

Our Impact


Animals Rescued

We’ve offered a safe home to so many animals in desperate need since 2014.


Animals Sheltered

Our sanctuary is currently home to over 200 rescue animals including cows, pigs, donkeys and hens.


Transformed Impressions

75% of visitors said their perception of farmed animals has changed after meeting our rescued animals.


Inspired Change

72% of visitors said they would reduce their meat and dairy intake after visiting the sanctuary.


Sanctuary visitors

From sanctuary tours and school trips to our open days, we’ve welcomed many visitors through our gates since opening.


We provide lifesaving rescue and care of farmed animals who have endured cruelty, abuse or neglect. Over 200 animals reside at our sanctuary.

Whilst we cannot rescue all the animals in need, we know that our sanctuary can heal the animals who have been rescued, and fundamentally impact the people who hear our messages of hope, healing, compassion, and kindness.

Rescue Stories

Stories from the field
Reginald is a turkey who was abandoned and needed a forever home.
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Stories from the field
Veronica is a turkey rescued from factory farming in need of sanctuary.
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Stories from the field
Daffodil is a pony rescued from severe neglect, who needed a healing home.
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Our education programmes instil both compassion and a greater understanding of the sentience and plight of farmed animals.

Whether we are teaching a group of young minds through our humane education programme; explaining the truth behind humane labels during a tour at our sanctuary; or delivering a message of compassion for farmed animals to thousands of people weekly through our social media campaigns, we believe that education is key to creating change in the world.

Our Education Programmes

Sanctuary Tours

The sanctuary itself is a platform enabling people to make meaningful connections between the animals at the sanctuary and the food on their plates. By sharing our residents’ tales of survival and sentience we are able to tell the stories of our modern food systems and shine a light on inherent cruelties of animal agriculture and its continued damage to the planet, our health and the animals.

Humane Education

Introducing a child to an individual cow, pig, or chicken is a simple but powerful act. Students are full of wonder as they learn an animal’s name, look into their eyes, and listen to their story. Their minds are opened to new worlds – about who farmed animals are and the profound consequences of our food system not only on the animals, but on humans and our planet.

Public Awareness

Since 2014, we have been driving change by engaging the public with a message of respect and compassion for all animals. Now, Where Pigs Fly reaches thousands each week through social media, traditional media and public awareness campaigns. By sharing our rescue residents’ tales of survival and sentience, we provide a greater understanding of the plight and sentience of farmed animals in our society.

We saw that the farm sanctuary movement was growing worldwide and was increasingly effective in educating and influencing the broader community towards a compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle. Rather than repeatedly saying someone should do something, we decided we should do something. So, we took the big leap and established Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary – a haven for rescued farmed animals and a platform for humane education.

Debbie Pearce | Co-Founder